Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today has celebration written all over it!

Yesterday was a long tough day but the outcome was music to our ears.

Our neurosurgeon and radiologists at Stanford all agreed the MRI scan was no different then the last one in May.  This is good news!  It has not grown.

We will continue to watch him carefully but, as of now, we plan to go back in 6 months for another scan.

Between now and then we work with Endocrinologists for the Diabetes Insipidus.  

[More on DI later.  After recently reading about a man dying in a hospital from dehydration (because of DI) I think we all need a bit more education on it!]  

9 + hour drive home yesterday.  So today we just enjoyed one another.  The house is a wreck, I think the car door is even open but with ice creams in hand and swimsuits on, we are, as Lily just said, "in relaxing position." :)

[a little video from today.]
The kids have been singing this song from Go Fish.  I was listening to the words and thought, for this July 4th, it was very fitting.  
This is My Father's World.
"That tho the wrong seems oh so strong God is the ruler yet!"


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