Monday, December 12, 2011

Hitting Our Stride and Makin' Butter

Homeschooling is becoming a joy.  What?  Yes, a joy.  Really [really] never thought I would say that.  Answered prayer!

I think we are starting to hit our stride.  Throwing things out right and left.  Adding more hands-on things that we can all walk away from feeling like we got somewhere.

What a blessing to see little light bulbs go on!

I am always looking for new resources and trying to "mix it up" for them.  When it comes to learning, I myself, have a massive case of ADD.  Even when I read things on the computer I click through windows so fast I can not keep up ;). I love opening about 6 windows and click click click click…..

Where was I?

Right.  ADD and resources for the kids.

We milk a cow a couple times a week and get a lot [a lot] of cream - Thank you, cow Mattie.

Today's science?  Butter.

We have made butter before but never knew how it worked.

A little google and some youtube and you have a teaching video!

Here is how it went:
"Classroom" Ready.
Cream set out the night before to be ready for the lesson.

Watching our teaching video.

Kiddos….begin your shaking…..

Keep shaking…..

You're almost there….

and the butter formed….

Nice butter Daws, must be all that wrestling…..

keep shaking kids…..this counts for PE today too!

Poor Hunter was last BUT he made the most.  [life lesson there too, I am sure]

nice butter Nick… your mama will love it….


Science never tasted so good.

Happy Homeschooling to all!


  1. way to go teacher! I want to join your class... fun kids. fun projects. awesome teacher. sign me up! I love the last one of Lily shaking...haha! That girl cracks me up! Love you all!

  2. I love seeing you guys homeschooling. What a blessing. I miss my younger two this year...but at least I still have Freddie. We are having fun, but he misses having "classmates". I want them all back home so bad it hurts!

    Keep up the great work, Shauna. I love your family!

  3. Good good job! That is my kind of science, something yummy to eat. Way to hang in there Hunter!

  4. Love the butter lesson! Your Grandpa Franke would have been proud! He LOVED butter. We had a butter churn (lots of milk lots of cream). That was my job. Churn the butter. So I would read a book and churn - only having to be reminded occasionally (good spots in the book I was reading while churning) to KEEP CHURNING! Wish I still had that churn to show the kids! Love you!

  5. now that is what I call a science project, B.U.T.T.E.R....yum, yum!! Good job Teacher Sha!

  6. I love that grandpa loved butter, cuz you know I do too. That is funny what Auntie Dolly said isn't it? hee, hee!!


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