Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

First thing, we had everyone bundle up and head outside.
Wearing their jammies and hot cocoa in hand they all followed daddy out to the barn where a manger was awaiting them.

Daddy had them sit, be still, and take in the surroundings as he began to read the aloud the birth of our Savior.

Oh what a Savior.  Born in the most humble setting.  Coming to serve and die for us, for you, for my children.  Now he lives!  Oh what a Savior!

Time to celebrate.


Ugand@n Spears.

Pretty sure this gift has been the highlight of his life.  ever.

 Little man loves to walk with his new dino.

What would Christmas be without digging through the trash for parts?  We never miss a year.

We texted.


 Rarely stopped strumming.

Played with my new camera and watched a bunch of tutorials.
[sorry to throw you Stac - but I will come take pics of you using your vita-mixer ;)]

 Manny arrived.  We love Manny much.  
Time to burn all those boxes AND we only had to run for the hose once…..sadly this is good for us. ;)

Manny taught me some new tricks on my Mac.

Our friends arrived and the boys solved the worlds problems while us girls worked in the kitchen.

Fast Friends.  

Look at that smile.

Go Daws!  [serious business I tell you]

 Guess who called??  My Mother-In-Law and all of the Redeemer House kids!!!

My hubby!

Ecclesiastes 3:4

was burning in my mind as we laughed and laughed.

It was a time to dance.

Merry Christmas.  Jesus, YOU are so good!


  1. Love love love love love love love.

    and love.


  2. You got a camera???? What did you get? Lvoe the rest too!

  3. It's official, Shauna. I'm coming to your house for Christmas next year, so be ready. :-D Hee heee. What a wonderful day, and you got to hang out with Manny (my 1st grade student). Blessings to you all!


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