Thursday, October 13, 2011

oh that girl...

I have a major problem.

She is my first born.

She was made to bake.

Her creations are to die for.

And now she is homechooling [which means she bakes more often].

I better dust off that treadmill.


  1. Those look sooooo good!!!! Please make them when you come over some time!! Good job Ashey Rose.

  2. You need to get her this book , "Baking Illustrated". Every time I look at it on my shelf I think of Ashton. It's more than just a recipe book, it really teaches about ingredients, tools and techniques in baking. I love it! I can just see her "devouring" it. ;)

  3. she is such a girl after my own heart. I love this kid!

  4. well, I must say that I think Great-Grandma's genes of baking may have passed on down! She was a wonderful baker too!!! Yum, Ashton those look yummy!!!

  5. Ashton, I want a signed copy of your cookbook when it is published (and one of those super-fattening cinnamon rolls, please).

    Let's just hope someday she marries a skinny man with a fast metabolism!


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