Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here and Full!

So much to tell!
The trip here I will save for another post as it was filled with struggles and victories.

The minute I stepped of the plane the all familiar smell came rushing back and.....I loved it!  How strange to feel so at home in a foreign place.  As we drove from Entebbe to Kampala I was filled with God's love for me - filled to the top!  I cried as we drove and was overwhelmed with the sense that I was right where I should be.  I felt the Lord so strongly, I will never forget it!

I am filled with gratitude for my Jesus that He would even use a sinner like me, in this way.  I am so undeserving.

more to come.....


  1. excited for you and continuing to pray for His guidance, protection and presence with all of you. so fun to wake up to updates from my amazing friends who are doing amazing things!!! =)

  2. Amen! That is an answer to my prayers... God is Awesome!

  3. It's amazing how God makes us feel at home in the place He wants us to be! I love how your obedient heart has brought you and others to this place. I know God is using you here. To His name be the glory!

  4. Praying as you travel home for reentry and no spiritual backlash from your trip, for many back home to be stirred to be workers to also go to the harvest fields through your example, and for the seeds planted through your going to be grown into fully matured relationships with Christ. Can't wait to hear how it was!
    Carolyn Dettori Stewart


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