Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Get My Niece Home!

In May of last year Hubby had the great privilege of taking a team to Ug@nda that included my bother-in-law (that is a lot more like a brother - I have known him since I was 8) and my gorgeous niece (that was the valedictorian  [yes I am bragging] oh and she has my middle name - ya, I like her). 

On this trip God gave a gift to us all that was unexpected..... a new soon-to-be daughter, sister, granddaughter and niece!

The video says it best, click to watch!

Please be a part of bringing her home.  If you are not into horse trailers please ask God if you are one of the 110 people that would be willing to give $250, anyways.  If you win - I have some great ideas of what to do with that horse trailer!!! 

*the Redeemer House website expired and we have been trying to get it back up....ugh!  We have been praying for a web person and that brought it to a whole new level!  :)  I will post when it is back up.  Please check out my sisters blog - please be a part of bringing my niece home.  James 1:27 is for everyone - this can be your part today!*  [can you tell I want her home?]

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