Monday, February 15, 2010

Just keepin' it real

They almost got me down! 

Who you may ask? 

The two toddlers I took to watch wrestling practice at theY!

I think they made a plan before hand because they seemed just fine before we arrived.

One took on the .... I am going to be a spoiled brat and the other took on the whinny sad mode.

Yup, I have two toddlers......

Next time - tennis shoes and a big ol' cup of coffee.

to be continued...........

~Just keepin' it real~ ;)


  1. So whose kids did you have? Certainly couldn't have been MY grandkids! (lol) I remember the days!

    So glad you're keepin' it real! I just told a mama who wants to adopt from Uganda about you and suggested your blog. She is a Redeemer House blog follower.

  2. I love to hear the 'keepin' it real, it makes me feel a little more validated.ha! love it!

  3. You have those days too?! Thought it was only me:)

  4. Now I understand the comment you left on my blog! Sorry. But thanks for keeping it real :-)

  5. was searching for karen vaughan "clay in his hands" and found this site any relation


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