Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Canada - now the USA

~*update and correction*  I am not there in Ugand@- I am getting my info from my friends blogs who are going through the process right now.  This blog is my personal thoughts and feeling on what I have read from their blogs.  I have read on others that it is not halted so.... seems to be confusion.  To those that are reading my blog - I could be wrong, have been wrong and I am sure will be wrong in the future. :)  I wrote that I am sick because I am - there is a little girl that is sick and needs to get my opinion.  I love Ugand@ spend lots of time encouraging other to go there - give there - pray for the beautiful people there.  There is a meeting tomorrow that will hopefully line all of this confusion out.~

I have asked for prayer on here for the Candi@n Embassy to issue visa and now here I am asking again but for the good ol' USA.  The have h@lted all visas to the USA coming out of Ugand@ I am sick, these are people and children I know.  These are children I held and whispered that their parents were coming.  These parents that have ALREADY begun to attachment process.  These are Isaiah's friends - friends that we are planning to meet up with this summer to celebrate what God has done in these orphans lives - orphans no longer!

I will link the three blogs that I follow closely - I know all three of these kids well and spent the first week in Ugand@ with Jade and Nathan.

Please pray!  These children all need to be released.  When I have more info I will share.

God is all knowing and all powerful and can crush this mountain.

God please pave a way for these orphans to be cared for.  Thank you Lord that you are in control no matter what happens.  Please comfort Jade, Nathan, Meghan, Chris, Court and Amy with Your peace and strength through this time.  Amen

This is Jade and Nathan's blog -
This is Meghan and Chris's blog (Isaiah and Moses were buddies) -
This is Amy and Court's blog (we knew their daughter and fought for her to receive medical care when we were there) -


  1. joining you in prayer.....Blessings, Amy Harkey

  2. I found out about this yesterday from Amy's blog, and I was appalled, saddened, and angry. It makes me angry that governments will play politics with the lives of innocent children. Thanks for the links to Meghan's and Jade's blogs. Today, I feel I have a little better perspective, knowing that God is in control and able to do beyond what we ask or think. He still works miracles, and he loves the orphans of Uganda. I wrote to my Senators and Representatives asking them to do what they could to resolve this. I tried to use my "passionate but not angry" voice, but I'm not sure if Jesus was here that he wouldn't be turning over some tables! Just sayin'! But I read your Feb. 4 post, too, and I agree that God can use this for good. It really would be awesome if they worked this out so that adoption was easier and more clear-cut. I just ache for the parents and kids who are caught in the middle right now.

    But - my thoughts are not his thoughts, and my ways are not his ways, and God is GOD!


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