Thursday, February 4, 2010


Still hearing conflicting reports about the US Embassy and those receiving visas.  I wish I could tell you exactly what is happening but the truth is, is I am not there.

Instead of using my site as an information site please look else where.  I am here writing this because I love my sisters in Christ and know them.  My heart hurt badly when I was away from my family therefore I hurt for them in this hiccup - that is what we call it because I believe I will be seeing their family pictures soon - their whole family pictures - I can not wait!

There is going to be information sites to refer to - when I know - I will link - not to personal blogs - because they are just that - personal blogs.  :)

I look at adoption as I do labor and delivery - no two are alike.  I had 4 kids - all natural - no meds (no not one) and hubby "caught" two of them.  I loved it - I love the high afterwards - I was woman (hear me roar) lol - we even had a party in our hospital room 3 hours after #4 was born with about 30 people (my Dr. and Paediatrician present - we love, love, love them).  It was such an awesome celebration of life!!  Ahhh...

That little walk down memory lane was to say - every single adoption AND delivery is different - each is so complex with a ton of emotions.  Our situation was so different in Uganda. A lot of what people said would happen, we did not experience.  And a lot of things that people said would not happen, did.

So not knowing the details and not being there I am just going to say please keep praying for my friends - I know they are scared, tender at heart and going through a lot right now.

This "hiccup" may be a benefit in the long run for Uganda and the USA to have a clearer understanding - how cool would that be!!

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