Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let us flood Heaven with prayer!

I am begging for all who read this blog to spread the word and pray. The Canadian government has just denied visas for a Canadian couple adopting 2 children from Uganda. They had no choice (after 7 weeks of jumping through all the hoops and completing all the proper paperwork IN Uganda) to board a plane empty handed. Heartbreaking! This is not justice at all!

What if blogland can carry a voice to the Canadian government? God can use media for His purposes too and as I started praying about this I thought what a perfect time to move the hearts of Canadians! For them to raise their voices to bring these kids home for the holidays!

This denial does not just effect one family (although - what if it was your 1 family?) - this effects those behind them. Like James and Cheremi who will be sending their paperwork to the Embassy hopefully in a few days. Not to mention those I do not personally know!

Pleeeeease pray - please ask God what to do! Please get involved - there is no justice in this - we as Christians are to fight for justice!

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  1. I am sick about this! I've posted on Facebook and asked people to pray, and I'm contacting 3 paryer chains. Any ideas on how (as Americans) to get the attention of the Canadian government?

    God still reigns! We just have to ask Him to do one of His miracles.


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