Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane.........

Sing along! Visa in hand - God is good and paved a way to set the lonely in a family! We leave tomorrow - hang on #1, 2,3 &4 we are coming home - I may smother you in kisses and I don't plan on stopping!!! And J you have been an amazing single dad - I am so proud to be your wife! I love you!

Thank you all for praying bloggy friends - I feel so blessed and excited that God brought us to this and through this. Isaiah is a blessing and possibly the easiest 2 year old in the world. I can not wait to get him to his forever family - FOREVER! FOREVER! :)

I have so many posts in my head - I will be sharing soon .........


  1. Praise the LORD...I am so happy for ya'll!
    Loves to all,

  2. Make way for a jet plane bearing precious cargo! Hang on, Isaiah, you're coming home to your forever family! And I know you are looking forward to coming home even more than he is, Shauna! I know it hasn't been easy, and I am so proud of you! Look where listining to God and obeying His voice has taken you. Amazing! Love and prayers for your journey!

  3. Thank you, Lord. You are coming home. Can't wait!!

  4. I am seriously in awe that you got done this quickly. It is only because of the Lord. Praise God for you and your family! YAY.

    We were gone 5 weeks + had to return for 1 week... 6 weeks! And YOU! WOW, just amazing.


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