Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful/Grateful Thursday!

I am so grateful!

Summer Time!!! ( I took this yesterday.........wanta join me for some today?)


Yes, that is a goat - her name is Barbie and she thinks she is a dog.
I am even thankful for her. :) She makes sitting on the back deck even more entertaining! I am even more grateful/thankful for the people in the pic!

I am thankful that my children love each other and enjoy playing together. It seems like the beginning of summer is always a little rough, they seem to fight a lot. But now I am beginning to see things settle into a nice rhythm - ahhhhh.


  1. Love your post. I too love how things have just slowed down...awe summer!

  2. YES! I so wanna join you and J for a glass! You could come up here and share one with me and Cher too :)

  3. Not fair - of course I want to join you for a tall glass of iced tea, and I can't! Love the pics. Say "Hi" to Barbie for me!


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