Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"My Caterpillar"

"Mommy, I love my caterpillar!"

"I will hug him and squeeze him and..."

"Get up caterpillar, get up! I want to play with you!"

"Hey, it's not moving...."


  1. That is so cute! We have had many bug casualties also...oh well, goes with a bugs life, huh?

  2. Oh, that is so familiar! My kids love their caterpillars too, and often find them mysteriously dead....:-)

  3. Oh my goodness! I just love that sweet baby! We lost was left in the jar when we left for Colorado! :(

  4. I never knew a little girl who loved her bugs quite like Lily! This made me laugh out loud!

  5. This is Tanner, I just wanted to say how much that reminds me of my sister Kaleigh. Right now there are two containers on the counter that have bugs in them including an actual LIVE caterpillar.


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