Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

We have had a very eventful week - Watoto was here and made a huge impact on our community, we had opening ceremonies for Ponytail Softball and lots of TBall and Baseball games. With all of the fun comes a lot of running around and #4 had had it the other night. She cried and cried so we have had two days at home and it was much needed for her (and me)!

I am so thankful!

I am so thankful to Lord for being so patient with me and giving me just what I need for every situation. The other night when #4 had her melt down (it was big) I was near tears myself and just felt very overwhelmed because of our family schedule. We are a family that eats dinner at the table every night and it is usually my favorite time to connect with everyone. Well, with all the sport schedules we have been eating on the run. I felt like we were not connecting and spending that quality time. That very night we had an amazing storm come in and we all sat outside and just watched the lightning storm - it was amazing and just what we needed. So, I am thankful for watching lightning storms on the porch with my kids on my lap, oohing and ahhing at God's creation.

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  1. Sweet Sha,
    Melt downs like that are never fun! I'm so sorry. But God was so good to give you that time to watch His Light Show. Remember you are an amazing mama, and that with 4 chillins their will be those crazy weeks. Yet I know you and that you will make up for it the days to follow...because that is you!! Miss Amazing!
    love ya girl!


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