Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our week in pics!

"Where is my belly button?"

Speed racer!

Star Student sharing his poster he made! He is a star!

My little ski bum. My kids are growing up so fast! It is so fun to be apart of. I am so thankful!


  1. Love the pics! Wish I could see them all more!

  2. I clicked on your link the the Mitchell's blog, and see that they are with New Hope Uganda. That is where Uncle Willie and Auntie Millie started out. He is the director of Bethany Village, and Millie is the nurse I worked with. Uncle Francis also came from there. Uncle Willie lent me his book about New Hope Uganda written by one of the Dangers' daughters (founder of New Hope), and I read it while I was there. He and Francis were both "fathers" to homes there, and they are both AMAZIMG people! Pastor Peter, founder of Africa Renewal Ministries, is from the Luwero area, and went through the war (as a child) that left so many orphans and brought the Dangers to the area to found New Hope. In God's circle, it's such a small word! I think New Hope has a pretty amazing ministry. Glad to have found this link on your blog!

  3. Awww.. I love you all!! I want to see you guys this week!!!


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