Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sister!

I have so much to blog about - things that have happened, vacations, fun, etc! But one thing keeps ringing today and I just cannot let the day pass with out wishing my sis a Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday Esh!! We love you and I thank God for you and All your beautiful boys!

For all you Mama's out there I thought I would share her big day details, as only a mama can understand the humor. Birthday girl woke up to 2 sick (or was it 3) boys and a sick hubby. Followed up with a prompt visit to the Dr's for a strep test then off to clean the van where her 3 year old locked the keys in the car which made for a $50 visit with the locksmith..........Happy Birthday Mommy Style!

Happy Birthday Sis - I love you!!


  1. Your grandma has ministered to me--even as she sits at the feet of our Lord!

  2. Oh, my! That is so sad, so why am I laughing?! I guess it's because all of us mommies can identify, even if we've never had a birthday just exactly like that! I hope all her guys do something to make it up to her when they feel better! Tell Auntie Esh happy birthday from me, a little late, but don't tell her I laughed!


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