Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Awesome Blog!

I love this blog! She is not only an inspiration but challenges me in her writing. I love her latest post and I too agree with what she said -

"Who will teach them (the orphan) that they are loved and valued and cherished?Oh, yea. The body of Christ. Each person who calls themselves a follower of Christ takes up the responsibility to love and care for the fatherless. It is not some special, specific calling. It is the duty of all who call themselves Christians."

This is not of her own thinking, this is biblical. In many places God calls us to care for the fatherless, widowed, orphaned, poor and weak. This is not a special calling, we are all called to care. If adoption is not an option for you there are ways to care for these. Are you a Christian? Then this is not a question of how you "feel" about it.

Click here to read this rockin' young ladies' blog!

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