Friday, April 19, 2013

Stretching but we're gettin' there….

10 really?  We have only been here 10 days?  Pretty sure it has been longer than that but calendars don't lie, right?  I've clicked, looked and counted 3 times.

To say this trip has been stretching, thus far, is no small statement.

But we knew this.  We prepared for this.

Walking it is just a bit harder, stretching.

Normal morning times with Jesus have been filled with trying to keep Lil D from waking up the rest.  Time to breathe, dream and chat with my man at night has been filled getting munchkins settled and sleeping followed by collapsing into bed.

My fuse has been short and my face tells the tale [have I ever told you I am a horrid liar when it comes to my face?].  I saw my reflection in the mirror this morning and I even scared myself.

Apparently I need Jesus here too.  My strength is not enough!

So today we [I] start afresh.  Time to repent, turn and take in the redemption God is so good at ... today is a new day.

With my Bible in hand and kids working on school work for the first time in weeks…. I am thinking we'll make it…. we're getting there.

 Breakfast this morning in the new house.
 Ashton catching up on her online classes and The Littles are working away.
 Not a bad place to do some school work.
Lil D was learning a thing or two too.


  1. You are a rock star!!! Praying for you daily... Sometimes hourly. It takes time to adjust especially with a boat load of kids in a 3rd world country. Just know that I am cheering you on and love you and admire you!!! I am still at home in my pjs and it's 1015 so what you are doing is INCREDIBLE if you ask me :)

  2. Stretching is so important for growth and freedom. When we don't stretch we get all stiff and sore and risk injury. ;) running any race. Love ya.

  3. I don't know another woman in the world who could (or would want to) endure the stretching we have recently… I am praying for you too my beautiful wife, for us. I love you so much and am so proud to walk this road with you!

  4. I love how you are all sitting on the floor together there with the hen looking down....You are to be admired no getting around it.


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