Friday, April 12, 2013


Last night we arrived at Redeemer House and took the latest treasure out for pizza and some mini golf to celebrate.

First time as a family of 9!  [!]

 We are trying to slow down and breathe for a bit now.  The fast pace of moving, packing for Africa and traveling has caught up with us [me] and we are purposing to take it down a notch or two for a few days.

This morning we went for a walk.

This mama had just had her baby.  We all ooh and awwed as you can take the kids out of the farm but you can't take the farm out of the kids. :)

This was a sight I had not ever seen here … a full family of monkeys.  The kids loved it!

Daddy grabbed us some lunch and we headed home… or our home for a few days anyways.  Hoping our guesthouse will be livable soon!


  1. WOW!! what an adventure! stef, mathew and i are planning to spend a month this summer??? (if we can figure out the $) will you guys still be in country? the new redeemer house is beautiful! will you guys be living in jinja? who's your new(est) little one? is justin working?(stef applied for a job in kampala) and .......are you all on anti- malaria??? sorry just a few rush on a reply....enjoy some down time! when i look at your pics i can feel it, smell it, hear it! oh how we miss beautiful Uganda....what a beautiful and addictive place. much love and happiness to you all XO toni

  2. Wow. My deep secret is I really wish one day my whole family can live for some time in Uganda... I doubt it will happen, but it is in my heart! Have a really sweet time!

  3. Mini Golf! How did I not know about Mini Golf?! SO fun! Love love love all your pics and updates! Can't you even believe you are all there together?! So awesome Shauna! :)

  4. Mini golf!?!? How did I not know about mini golf in UG?! Love it! I love love love all the pic's and updates! Can you even believe that all NINE of you are all there together?! So awesome! Praising Jesus for all that He is up to in and through your family! XO

  5. Seriously? Y'all were at Arise? Gracious. The other half of our team was staying there. Coulda said hi after all. Oh well. God had a plan. If you met two Dutch people, we were together. :o)


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