Monday, February 25, 2013

There has been a stirring in Justin and I.

A stirring that has gone on for about 3 years.

We have prayed, push on doors, kicked on doors, sat down, pouted a while [mostly me] and prayed some more…. knowing full well that God will do what He wants in His perfect timing.

I wrote this 2 + years ago [pllllease excuse the millions of typos… I can't seem to write without them ;)].

There were 3 things we felt like God had called us to: 1.) Domestic Adoption 2.) Sell our house 3.) Move to Africa for a season.

They did not make sense together, at that time.

Now?  They are coming to fruition right before our eyes.

Number 1 is about to turn 2 years old!  Have I mentioned how much we adore him?  We do!

Number 2 is "in process" with some of our favorite people on the planet.  God confirmed to them that they would be buying this house years ago.  [the details of that process needs its own blog post - one thing first tho - every drop of sweat and dollar spent on this home only makes it sweeter to sell to this family that will use this place for ministry.  Friends ask if I am sad to leave all that we have worked towards for 8 years and I can say a resounding, "NO" because I feel like we are passing on a home to these co-laborers for God's glory!]

Number 3 is on the horizon with MANY details yet to be nailed down but rapidly approaching…..


  1. SO exciting!! We love you so much and we can't wait to see God's plans unfold for you guys!

  2. We are praying for you sweet friends. We love ya'll so much!

  3. congratulations! Reminds me of the verse in IS. "Here am I, send me".....

  4. WOW! How exciting, what a gift to give your children, the gift of serving and seeing the difference between needs of America and the needs of Africa. So broad and different! May your family grow in His grace!!

  5. GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!! Watching how you follow the lead of the Lord and GO where He leads in His timing is sooooo beautiful. What a wonderful testimony to our Lord. I'm on my feet clapping and cheering with tears in my eyes. I selfishly want you to stay where you I have access...but I know the Lord has bigger and better plans for you so I will cheer you on and pray. Love you and your big awesome family, and even though I'm gonna miss you....your journey and your faith make me love you even more.

  6. I've heard about those stirrings... So excited for you and your family. MUST get together before you all fly the coop, though :-). Gregg and I are praying for you guys. Love you, sweet friend.

  7. Oh Sister I knew this day was on the horizon for you all. I love that you "Go" when you get the "GO" sign from our Lord.

    Can I say....I miss you? Even so....

  8. Holy Guacamole! Exciting news. Of course, I want more details! Details! Details! (Don't make me call me sister...) I look forward to hearing more soon! Love you guys!


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