Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Two years ago, I had a little secret.  We had a little secret.  

This very day, two years ago, I was sharing at church about the 2011 trip to Uganda.  Once we arrived at church I got a text…. 4 cm and a picture of a resting mama…. today was going to be the day.

I giggled to God how He plans things so sweetly.  

5 cm.

I reminded my heart, we will walk this path no matter the outcome…. DON'T get attached.

We shared about Uganda, it was nice, I ran back to my seat and grabbed my phone…. 6 c.m.

Oh my… I wanted to stand up on my chair, stop the service and say "hello!  we are having a baby here!!!!"  But I didn't.  I just stared at my phone.

Church was over… we told our pastor and a few trusted friends.  We headed home.

A few hours later pics came through of the most adorable baby boy with a full head of hair!

The question was asked, "what's his name?"  

Oh my… my heart was not really listening…. take the step… don't get a attached…. then repeat.

"Daniel," I wrote.  She said "that's a nice strong name."  Oh tears.  My heart then turned to her.  

I have never felt so connected to a woman I did not know.  My heart shattered for her.  How will this work?  I knew God was giving me this love for her so that I would pray… passionately.  I knew God would be her only comfort.

From that moment forward I loved her.  My heart hurt for her, yet I thought she was ever so brave to love this babe so much.  She knew she was not in a place to care for him, so she gave him the best care she could.

I think of her often.  I want Lil D to know that his birth mom was a sweet natured woman that loved him so.

Days later we were on a plane, a short drive and he was in our arms…… he has been ever since.



  1. God is good!!! That's all. That's enough.

  2. This put a lump in my throat....the description of your feelings during that church service, oh, it just, I don't even have words. He is a precious one. And I love that Mom who made you a Momma to Mr. Lil Man, thank you Lord! And this picture gave me another lump in throat along with a tear. This is the sweetest post. Way to show your love Sha.


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