Monday, June 11, 2012

Once Upon a Time….

...there was a little girl that was an only child.
She was much loved by her parents, but she knew she wanted to do things different.
So she married a man...

and had 4 girls.

These 4 girls became the best of friends [and the worst of enemies, at times ;)].

The four girls all got married and started having babies.

They cheered each other on saying "way to go sister, more babies, more babies!"

"More babies, more babies…. YAY for more!"

[leap frog - kinda]

Before The Sisters knew it… there were 22 babies!

And then….. their babies started having babies.

Now the family is large.
  Filled with treasures from above, and that little girl will now, one day soon, be a great grandma
 …. [and there will be more babies :)].

The End.
[well, not really…]

*all pictures were from this weekend as we celebrated Kole graduating! and Lashae's baby shower.  we missed you Rick, Seth, Katie and Chaney*


  1. GREAT!!!! LOVE the the the pics. Love you.

  2. This makes me crack me up, and I am so glad the Lord seen to it to put me right in the middle of this little story. Wasn't it the best time ever? I can't wait to share some of Corvan and Jordan's insights with their comments over this weekend. It will crack you up!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! I remember this little girl when she was a little girl (older than me - like a big sister) and who would have thought!! HA HA (also, knew the guy she married - pretty well too...ha ha) I just love it all! What a fun time you all had - !!!!!!

  4. Aw-w-w, this made me blessed this only child is ,to have such a beautiful BIG family... when I prayed as a little girl for a big family, God answered with abundance over & above what I could have imagined...I love this blog, you summed it up so PERFECTLY, especially the last part...not the end, the story will go on for generations to BLESSED & THANKFUL!!!!

  5. Good Job Sha. I love this story and it is happily ever after!

  6. This is such a cute post and made me happy!
    -Erin Z

  7. This is the best story ever!!!! :) I love this family so stinking much! :)

  8. Love it!

    I had 2 brothers, but come from a very broken and dysfunctional family.
    My husband has 4 siblings (from 3 dads), and also comes from a very broken and dysfunctional family.

    God gave me a dream when I was only about 10, that I would have an extra-large family when I grew up.
    Then, at 17, I met the man I was going to marry.

    When we got married, we told everyone that we both wanted to have 6 children.
    Everyone told us we would change our minds.
    We did change our minds.
    We didn't stop at 6.
    After the first 6 . . . we had 6 more.

    Four of our kids got married in 14 months (starting a year and a half ago).
    We had Grandbaby #1 in March.
    Grandbaby #2 is due in January.
    We cannot imagine how many Grandbabies (and great-grandbabies) the Lord will BLESS us with.

    I love reading about families such as yours, because they give such hope and inspiration for our own family.

    Blessings to you!!!

    mama of 12 (ages 10, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 23, 25, 26 28)


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