Friday, February 3, 2012

ginkgo biloba?

I have a problem.

I keep forgetting everything.  Stuff.  Not the children - thank the Lord!  But things.  Everywhere I go lately.

Last Friday I left my purse at a restaurant.  Saturday I left my phone in a grocery store.  Wednesday I left my purse AND the diaper bag at church and then today I was at my hairdressers (with the 3 littlest) and I was gathering my munchkins, saying by to all the ladies and started to walk out, without paying!  How embarrassing.  Luckily my hairdresser is my friend but still.  THEN, I go to Wal-mart.  I was in a hurry to pick the 3 big ones up from guitar and quickly loaded up the littles, started to jump in the driver seat and the sweetest old couple walked by and said "Is this yours?" - as in my cart with all my stuff?  Uh!  "Yes, yes, it is!"  I rambled on about loosing my mind and how grateful I was that they walked by at that moment.


My solution?

I am never leaving the house again.

The end.


  1. Haha! I'm so sorry...I'm even more sorry that I can relate to each and every event you described..just not all in one week. I think you may be on over load.

  2. LOL. You don't know me - I'm a friend of Jenay's. I have a sweet, sweet friend in Montana - mother to 7 and she was always having those moments. One day I pulled up to her house as she was leaving and she asked if I wanted to go to the store with her. Since I'd talked to her on the phone earlier I knew she intended to go before I got there. She told me she "forgot something." I asked what. "The groceries. In the cart. In the parking lot." You're in good company!

  3. yip, I remember now(haha!) how I would forget my kids name when introducing...."honey, tell Mr. So and So your name" why? Cuz it was a test for both of us! Yes, I do think you must be on overload. I sware homeschooling sucks the brains right out of the teacher. It did me, I never felt so 'not together'. Hang in there!!!

  4. "I am not absentminded. It is the presence of mind that makes me unaware of everything else." - G.K. Chesterton


  5. I can SO relate. I left the bathtub water running while I was in the kitchen making lasagna, keeping an eye on the baby and fighting the morning sickness. Next thing I know, water is running in a torrent out the bathroom door, down into the heating vent, EVERYWHERE. Samuel was in the tub and thought it was the greatest bath he had ever taken, except that the water was coming out cold from the faucet by that point. So I wasted a bunch of time cleaning up a terrible mess (I thank God for my shop vac) and probably did irreparable damage to my house. Don’t tell our homeowner’s insurance company.

    I love the story my mom tells about forgetting her BABY (my sister) in the big bin of clearance underwear in a department store. She walked out of the store and onto the sidewalk, ready to go home, before she remembered that her BABY was still in the store, sitting amongst all those cheap panties! She got the wooly stink-eye from the clerk, but luckily that was before the days of over-zealous CPS workers LOL!

    Like Farm School Marm wrote, you are in good company... yep good company with the rest of us overworked, underpaid, mentally strained mothers. I think it's a great argument for polygamy, because I could totally use the help! (But Gregg says one wife is all he can handle LOL!)

  6. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! You are crackin me up!! that's why my mom has Chars....

    And don't worry, I am losing it too...yesterday I thought a bank was a car wash....

  7. More vitamin they tell me.


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