Friday, May 14, 2010

My Man

Yup, I like him alot! 
Missing him like mad. 
At first it was, "ugh, I miss his help" - he helps in every way.  This is not a man that is afraid of a poopy diaper or making a mean dinner.

Then it was missing his touch - I hate sleeping alone ~ so I steal a kid to cuddle with (sweet but I just don't love being kicked in the face that much :) ~

But now it is missing his friendship.
He is my Best Friend.
He is my secret keeper.
I tell him EVERYTHING.
We talk all day long usually.
We talk most nights about hopes, dreams and whatever we may be dealing with.

Thinking 17 days is too long.
{but crazy proud of my man - crazy proud}


  1. sweet, you are a blessed girl and this I know you know.....

  2. He is pretty special and I know that you will miss him and like you, wow, I'm also proud of him and how the LORD has stirred his heart.

  3. I know the feeling. When David was gone for weeks and months at a time I thought I'd lose my mind!! Praying for you sister.

  4. That is soooo dang sweet! I'm glad our men got to be together all this time...I just love it. I will get to see my man sooner than you, so I'm happy for me and sad for you. I'm ready for my man to get home too, I have shaved my legs and put on some pretty lotion!!


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