Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moving Buddy

I love this post and think it is the best adoption advice I have heard!  Everybody needs a "moving buddy!"

God was so good to give me a few online "moving buddies" and a few in Africa, through the process.  I was so thankful.  But when I got home, and the hard issues came, I needed a real life buddy - someone who understood and believed the same way I did.  Christian views and reasons for adoption are VERY different from the world, so this was vital that my moving buddy be a strong Christian.  I had not found a moving buddy but God knew, and 3 weeks after being home I got a call from a girl that had adopted 2 years earlier and wanted to get together and talk about doing ministry in Africa together - she really felt like the Holy Spirit was bringing us together.  What she didn't know was, that I was really struggling and was craving someone who just "got it."  Her and her hubby came over for dinner and hearing their hearts and struggles was like water in the desert.  If I could have fallen on the floor and cried I would have. 

If you are adopting or have adopted  - get a moving buddy.  If you can not find a moving buddy, start praying, I had never even heard of my "moving buddy" before - but God knew her well and he knows how to hook His children up!  If you need an online moving buddy, I will be one - e-mail me or leave a comment.


  1. I think I shall cry. Incredible the way God works in peoples lives states apart. Little did I know that the precious family we met in Oregon back in the day would be on a similar journey as us and we'd find one another years later. To God be the glory!! Looks like we have much to catch up on. Funny you read Renee's blog too - her and I are also on a board together. Small world!!

  2. I just came across your blog from another...and i defn agree with your post as well as the original one. thanks for sharing.


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