Friday, April 9, 2010


Tonight I am feeling blessed.  One of the scars institutionalized children can have is being "stiff."  Physically stiff.  This took me by surprise when I started packing Isaiah around in Africa.  Honestly, I could not figure out why he was not fitting on my hip - this hip is use to having a chunky money on it all the time (aka Lily :)) - so why was this awkward and not working? - I could not figure it out. 

Sadly I realized, and was educated by a friend, that this was lack of love and physical touch - he did not know how.  Think about how we hold our babies, wash our babies - touch, kiss, carry - all of this he missed out on.  Sure, there are volunteers that love on them as best they can but that can not be compared to the love of a parent.ever! 

So I immediately bought a big bottle of lotion and started giving him massages, looong massages - every night.  This is something I did with all my babies but by 2 it was hit and miss.  With him it was obvious to me that this needed to be every night.

When I first started, he would giggle like crazy.  His whole body was ticklish - he could hardly stand it (in a good way) he would laugh the whole time.  Where as it was cute to see him laugh, it also broke my heart because I realized his skin was so sensitive to touch.  Slowly he would begin to relax - sllllooowly.

This has been improving as he learns to trust and receive love.  Tonight was a sweet victory I am savoring as I write this.

He crawled up in my lap tonight and just melted to by body.  It felt so natural and comfortable - I was a happy Mama. :)  We stayed like that for a good hour and I know it was a beautiful moment.  Healing is happening - his little walls are melting.


  1. What a beautiful picture of the healing LOVE brings!

  2. That is so precious...I am so glad that he has a mama that will take the time to teach him love!!!
    Blessings Sweet Friend!

  3. Wow. We cannot even comprehend how deep this moment truly was. God is so perfect.

  4. So precious. I'm glad for your breakthrough and I'm also storing tips in case we need them when Sarah comes home. Work has been so crazy catching up on stuff since coming back from Uganda, but hope to get a chance to call you and talk soon.

  5. sha, I am crying...I love that baby. It makes me want to spend more time 'melting' with my babes...I love this, and you are a great massager...even when I saw you this last week I said to Jenay how amazing his skin was and she reminded me of how you massage your babes. So good!

  6. Oh, what a precious gift.

    Thank you for your comment on my Blog. I am so happy to "Meet" you. Of course I don't mind if you link :o)

  7. Wow, I haven't had time to check blogs, and almost missed this post. So glad I didn't! Shauna, you are such a great mom! I know you are just what Isaiah needed ('cause God gave him to you!). I think he will not suffer a lot of the insecurties that adopted kids can experience, because he will know he is loved! Love you - and Isaiah!


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