Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It bothers me...

I have been very bothered these last few days. It bothers me that, had Justin and I not heard the cry of the orphan, sought God's heart and will for adoption (in The Bible) and moved forward in it ....... we would not have Isaiah - and that bothers me.

It bothers me that we may not have know his eyes. If you have met him you know what I mean - he has eyelashes any woman would die for - they melt me.

It bothers me that he would have just moved onto another institution - soon.

I bothers me that he would have never experience a bubble bath - he giggles even when there are bubbles in the sink - he is a bubble freak.

I bothers me that no one may have cared that red is his favorite color - he points it out everywhere.

I bothers me that I may have never known that he has a huge desire to please. Days can be frustrating - teaching him a whole new world but he has a HUGE desire to please his mommy and daddy - HUGE - it can cut the most frustrating of moments.

It bothers me that no one would give him music lesson that are sure to come - he drums in the air and has rhythm at 2!

It bothers me that no one would have rocked him to sleep - ever.

It bothers me that my other children my have never know him.

It bothers me that I would have never heard him and Lily giggle at nap time for 15 minutes straight (what they were laughing about, I could not tell but I was loving the sound).

It bothers me that he may not have had an opportunity have an education. He loves to learn - this kid LOVES to learn.

It bothers me that all of my fear about the looks I would get in public having a black child on my hip have been unfounded. In fact I get smiles and encouragement. I have seen a few judgemental looks - very few - and those are the same people that glared at me when I walked in with 4 small children.

It bothers me that people felt the need to tell their horror stories that they have heard of from some newspaper in Southern California 10 years ago (you get the idea). What those people don't know is.......that I have never been discouraged by anyone that has adopted - not once - and trust me, I have asked for the truth (and A LOT of people). To every horror story that is out there I have received 3 times as many success stories. Some have been at the most divine time - I will share that story soon.

It bothers me that Isaiah may not have been around our Thanksgiving table this year - that makes my stomach turn.

It bothers me that had I let the world corrupt me (see the end of James 1:27) I would not have known Isaiah and been his mommy for the last month - and now I cannot remember life without him.

(This is a pic - of not one mommy but 2 - just ask her - helping Isaiah to feel better)


  1. So true... I've never heard anyone who has adopted say anything negative about it! (although there is always some article that comes up!)

  2. Well said my friend. I am sitting here with tears... I have been bothered by the same questions... praying I will always be bothered enough to care and be obedient. I have 5 miracles because we obeyed... That is the most beautiful picture of you and your Isaiah.

  3. Oh Sha! So well written and I am so happy you followed our Lord and have Isaiah. He has brought me such joy already.

  4. Thank you for that post. It has touched me immeasurably. I look forward to hearing more about your little Issiah settling in to family life. XX Sandie - Australia

  5. love this sha, thank you.....it bothers me that he is my nephew and I have yet to meet him.....it bothers me that I am not the one giving you a hug and kiss and telling you face to face thank you for adopting him into our family.....it bothers me that someone may not see the miracle and obedience that has been shown in this....I am bothered :)

  6. I stumbled upon your blog....beautiful! It has always been my heart to adopt or foster. I always have the financial part in the back of my mind, I need to pray and see what God does. Thankyou for sharing and opening my eyes to the fact that I haven't really asked my Father what He thinks.

  7. Oh, what a beautiful post from your mommy heart! Isaiah is precious - he is precious to God, and it's clear he is precious to you. I am so glad you listened and didn't let anything stop you from obeying what God asked you to do, even when it was really hard. What an incredible reward for your obedience!

    It bothers me that Isaiah would never have been part of our family, and I would never have been his Grandma. It bothers me that he would have never known the love of a mommy and daddy, or the joy of having brothers and sisters who love him.

    It bothers me that there are so many children who never will.

  8. What a beautiful post. I can't imagine not having adopted our 3 kids. What we would have missed!!

  9. HI Vaughan family! I am so excited to see the blog. I have been asking and asking about you guys and since I don't have facebook...your blog thrills me to see how you are all doing! Can't wait to meet Isaiah!

  10. Hello from Minnesota! I am in tears reading your blog. My team and I were on our way to Malawi on a mission trip, and met Justin in the Amsterdam airport. What a God meeting that was. We were all touched by your story, and were able to pray with him for you to bring your baby home soon!!!! I am thrilled to see pictures of Isaiah. What an author the Lord is! I work on a team called Kingdom alliance for Kids in Mpls. Bringing churches together to aid the orphans. God is awesome, and I love hearing adoption stories like your. God is moving big time changing hearts to aches like His for his children. My husband and I will be leaving in May for a vision trip to Ethiopia to see where the Lord is leading us as far as full time work for the orphans there. Anyway, say hello to Justin from our whole team.
    My blog is rolfefam.blogspot.com (Not updates as of yet-don't know how you do it!! :) Bless you, and your family

  11. shauna i love this post! today has been one of those days for me and reading your post just made today easier. you know the days where the emotion of being there and now being here just overwhelms you? it has brought me to tears several times today and my heart completely agrees with you!! i feel so blessed to have witnessed part of your journey and very priveleged to continue to pray for your family. you are amazing!

  12. i hear ya, sister. may we continue to listen. AND obey.

    although i didn't really fear it...i totally agree about the looks of carrying a black child. the only ones who care to give a look seem to be the ones that would have been mad about my 4 other kids anyway!!

    so glad your family is together!!

  13. I am deeply moved by your heart here. Tears cannot be stopped. Lord how I desire to hear and obey you...

  14. WOw, I had no idea you were adopting! That is so awesome and what a great gift for him....He fits right in with your family :) Whatta cutie!

  15. Beautiful!!!

    It bothers me ... that if I had listened to the doctors and had a hysterectomy 26 years ago, that I wouldn't have the same wonderful 13 children.

    It bothers me ... that if I had listened to society when my peers said I was "too old" to have more children, I wouldn't have the blessings that I now have.

    It bothers me ... that if I had listened to my peers, I would have an empty nest now (along with all my peers), when my days are still so full of the 7 blessings that I still have at home.

    It bothers me ... that people told us we couldn't possibly afford to adopt, when God had a plan all along.

    So glad that I didn't listen to ... the doctors ... society ... my peers ... So glad that I listened to the Lord instead. His plan for my life, is truly the ONLY plan that I want to follow.


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