Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love these people!


I was blessed to have my sister and crew here for a quick visit! I love, love, love them and was thrilled to introduce them to Isaiah. This is my sis that took care of my kiddos while we were in Africa for 2 weeks - what a blessing to us all - we could not have done it with out her and her awesome family.

Checking out the tree!

Reece checking out Isaiah's food!

Isaiah (and all my kiddos) are blessed with wonderful cousins!

I love my Sis!

~Thank you all for coming down - it was short but VERY sweet~
*We missed you C, L & K - guess you will have to come down again....soon :)*


  1. So glad to check in on your blog and see that you are home! My friend was on the Hosanna! mission team going to Malawi, and sent me a text from the Amsterdam airport to pray for you guys. They ran into your husband on his way home and prayed with him. She just found your blog and sent it to me. WOW...God really did move that were home shortly after your hubby left..PTL!
    We are currently adopting a little girl from India and praying her home. The process takes forever:-)

  2. Love all the photos and the happy faces!

  3. "Smile!" So glad they could come down! Great pics!


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