Monday, January 16, 2012

weekend wrestling and more...

This weekend we traveled to The Oregon Classic for wrestling. We knew it would be tough competition, and it was. Wrestling is an emotional sport and VERY hard on a mama's heart. Your baby is out there all alone and when they are being put on their back everything in me wants to run out there and grab them off the mat and rock them back and forth and back and forth, forever and always my baby you'll be.... oh wait, that's one of my favorite books. But still, it is hard to watch. My sis was sitting next to me and that helped because after the boys lost we talked about how dumb wrestling was and how the winner was just advanced. [you can bet your bottom dollar had they won, we would have said the opposite] ;)

Speaking of my sis…. look who we got to meet [finally]!

 The kids had a great time and their prayers last night and this morning reflected their love for their cousins "thank you for The Brewers."

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  1. nice, and I laughted out loud when you described a Momma's feelings over a 'on their back experience', Corv does this thing when trying to get out of a situation with a strained 'help me' look and looks right at me, what do I do about that? Ugh!I think this is a sport for a mother in that my heart rate doubles.

  2. Love love love!!! Maezie looks pretty into Lily and vice versa. And I like the boys sitting around obviously talking about manly things!! Only wish I could have been there :)

  3. Yes fun weekend had by all. It was fast but worth every second. Thanks for coming and staying and playing. We Love the Vaughans!!


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