Sunday, December 12, 2010

Are we going to adopt again?

With the Uganda trip only 50 days away [yes 50!  Ekkkkk.....] I have had people ask if I am going to "bring another one home".  Let me start by clarifying for those that may not is NOT that easy - wouldn't it be great if it was?  :)  But I get what they are asking.  And this is my not-so-short answer:

As the Lord leads!

Let me explain.

After # 3 we were pretty comfortable and thinking we were done. 


#4 was on the way. 

After # 4 we made it so that we were done - biologically at least.


God birthed adoption in a BIG way!

# 5 was on the way!

While in Uganda we asked to adopt a sweet girl.

Door closed.

As you can see we have learned through this journey to remember that His ways are higher, His plans are better [waaayyyy better] and our job is to abide in Him and He will lead and .........

Be ready!


  1. As we have learned walking through the adoption door again we will always be willing as the Lord calls. We are simply His vessels. Praying for you and your little family.

    Oh and I have been WAY behind - I think you asked about where we were in the process.....we're waiting for a referral. :)

  2. Do it again God and again and again and again!!!!

  3. well, you know how i feel about all this. =)

  4. Love it that you are ready. Waiting to see what God does. (He's always on the lookout for His kids who are ready!)


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