Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Year and Ugand@ 2011

On exactly one year to the day, that I stepped onto USA soil from Ug@nda, a few girls met in my living room, we prayed, then......

we booked! 

That's right, it's time! 

And God in His sovereign ways designed it to be booked on exactly the one year anniversary of coming home.  This was something I realized after the date was set to meet because of schedules.  Cool, hu? 

God rocks my socks off!

This time it is the girls turn!

The Ug@nda GO Team 2011 is all girls.

AWESOME girls!

Girls I just met, girls I have known a bit, girls I love and girls that love God with all their heart!   All their heart!

I just love each one!

Praising God!  Overflowing with joy and excitement!
May God be glorified through every part of this journey!

[special "tasks" have already been given, like telling 2 treasures they are being adopted by some of our best friends - oh my heart, I may not make it - I may pass out from excitement before I get it out.  AND getting to kiss my sweet niece that I already love.  Praying my sis will already be there.]


  1. praising Him with you!!!
    and the overflowing of excitement? i FEEL it!

  2. What a one-year anniversary blessing! I couldn't help but remember that when you got home, you said you would support Justin and me in any you could as we went to Ug*nda, but you never wanted to go to back again. Just look what God has done! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to being with you and all your wonderful girls! We are gonna be so blessed!


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