Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~ Love List ~

In honor of my friend Jade [who is in Ug@nda right now!! getting her son!! so excited for her, please pray for her and hubby Nate!] I am doing a love list for today instead of pics.

God's Word
{A few I love and need each day}

*This amazing sunshine - love EVERY minute of it!*

*Being home this week ~ I just love being at home with all my chickies.*

*Adoption, and all that comes with it - the good and the bad.*

*The present AND the future - God has so much brewing.... excitement in my heart is building!  I love being His child knowing He has good plans!*

*My family here at home, extended family and brothers and sisters in Christ.*

*Praying with my friends ~ makes for a rich relationship.*

*Children that have never experience having a family and then having one - can't think of anything better right now.*

*My sweet hubby that loves Jesus.*



  1. I love you too...I love all these things that you do...I love this post....I love you!

  2. Love all these things as well and love YOU!

  3. Shauna, I love reading your posts. You and Jenay both have such a great way of expressing what is in your heart and mind. You are both very inspirational to me.

    Shelly (not DrillerBob!)


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