Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grandma came to visit!

Grandma came to visit for four days. We had such a great time! She gave us all gifts from the "Jajaz"(the grandma's) in Uganda that are taking care of their orphaned grandchildren. They presented Kathy with presents for her whole family - we were very touched. For those of you who do not know Kathy, in obedience to God, opened a small orphanage called "The Redeemer House." We are very excited to see these seven orphans now have a place to call home and a mommy named, Gracious. Gracious said, "these children are no longer orphans, they are my children." What a miracle that must be to to go from going having nothing and doing whatever it took to survive to now having a mommy, home, food, bed, blankets and for the first time have the opportunity to go to school! I will be starting a blog for her to update us on the goings on at The Redeemer House soon.

Grandma loves to dress the kids up and let them pretend to be whatever they want to be. Well.........my boys thought the sparkly dresses were very pretty.............

I am pretty sure daddy is going to have them out hunting every night for the next week because of these pictures - haha!

Here are some other pics of their dress up day!
I will leave you with the cutest pics of all - Grandma was telling Lily to say "Hallelujah!"

Thanks Grandma for all the fun!

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